LA Comedy Club, Stand Up Comedy

This is more than just an instrument. It's like a cymbal.

Incense should only be practiced at home.

This is the sign of a healthy prostate.

You must at all times be prepared to defend yourself from dangerous predators.

It is important to read the label to make sure this isn't hair gel.

Me on the wi-fi with God.

You are now ready to receive me.

It's unusual for me to be at a comedy club. I usually perform at at the Exxon station.

I originally canceled this gig, but the other act didn't show up. So I filled in.

If only emptiness had meaning.

Your mouth says no, but my eyes say, yes.

He doesn't just walk onto the stage.  He gravitates to the stage then lands on it.  Before a word is spoken, the audience is in tears.  Once he masterfully utters a word, they are in an uncontrollable maelstrom of laughter.  Its one huge journey of entertainment thereafter.

 - Suzy Rose Yengo Owner of CATCH A RISING STAR