press kit


Tommy is a beacon of light for a New Age of comedy.

David Feldman - 3 - time Emmy Award winning comedy writer and radio host.


One of the funniest and most unique acts I've ever seen. A classic character comic with an edgy, contemporary energy. Tommy Savitt will kill you dead.

Amber Rae Bernhardt - Executive Director of the Dakota Stage Limited.


Tommy Savitt is one of the most uniquely creative comics working today.  

Brian Kiley - Writer for the Conan O'Brien Show.


Tommy Savitt is a true original. I used to think he was from another planet, now I understand he is from a hilarious plane. The Tommy Lama will help you locate and connect with your funnybone.
Jim McCue - Producer of the Boston Comedy Festival.


Great for corporate clients.

Dave Dennison - Owner of Laughs Comedy Spot.


Forget what you think you know about Stand-Up comedy, because you are not prepared for what you are about to witness. This is an act that is so familiar from the Golden Age of Comedy and yet, confidently unique. 

Jason Laurans - Club owner of Absolute Comedy.


In 34 years, the Top five of all (San Francisco) competition entrants are Ellen Degeneres, Bobby Slayton, Carvey, Patton Oswalt and Tommy Savitt.

Jon Fox - Producer of the San Francisco and Seattle Comedy Competitions and club owner of The Comedy Underground.


Tommy Savitt’s metamorphosis into the Tommy Lama is a blessing to the human species and some trainable animals. His presence creates a vortex of laughter silencing the inner voice and humorously aligning the shakti to cruise smoothly along the nadis pathway. In other words, he’s one crazy funny F’n SOB and you will love enjoying his hilarious BS!

Les McCurdy - McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre & Humor Institute.