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Anatoly Schlemenko was born in a small Ukrainian village known as Chernobyl which is sometimes referred to as the Las Vegas of the Iron Curtain. Schlemenko enjoyed a 4 year residency at the downtown Tropicana hotel-casino and decontamination center and is a perennial favorite of the Gulag stand up circuit. Not to mention, Schlemenko is also the back to back winner of The Chernobyl Glow In The Dark Comedy Competition and the annual Is This Mole Getting Bigger Comedy Festival.


Schlemenko acting credits include his unforgettable performance in the line - up scene as the leading role as suspect #1 of Ukraines version of LAW & ORDER : SVU. Schlemenko also received critical acclaim by showing off his range as both suspect and victim in the Ukraine's version of COPS. Thanks to members of his family and people who owe him money, viewership for these television shows have doubled to 16.


Schlemenko graduated with a BA at the Ukranian Labor Camp Institute where he discovered his love of performing by faking many illness to avoid working on the rock quarries. Schlemenko was discovered doing open mic's at the local opium den where he was also their chief supplier. Atrue rags to riches story. When Schlemenko is not acting or doing comedy; he can be seen volunteering as a judge at various wet t-shirt contests. Schlemenko loves to mentor young people.


Schlemenko is currently represented by his agent parole officer : Vladyslav Lemeshenko

For inquiries, please contact : 1-800- CRIME- STOPPERS